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Paperwork in job hunting can be made easier and personal information sharing more secure with MyData technology

Paperwork regarding different official permits and licenses in job hunting can be made easier and more secure with technology that gives the job hunter a possibility to give consent to the information rather than make them gather the information from different sources to be forwarded to the recruiter. Projects both in Finland and Sweden are using technology based on MyData principle to make recruitment and job applying easier.

Job search often involves a wide range of government certificates or other permits, such as a driver’s license, diplomas, criminal record, and special permits related to various specialized jobs. The Swedish employment bureau, Arbetsförmedlingen, is testing how MyData technology can make job search easier by applying for these permits digitally from the various public registers with the consent of the job seeker. This way the job seeker does not have to manually apply for, renew, retain and submit certificates of valid permits and certificates.

The job seeker can give permission to view the information on an employer-by-employer basis and can set a time limit for how long the information is available. The job seeker can withdraw the permission to view the data at any time, for example after being employed or when the job search expires, even if the set time limit has not been met.

Human-centric services need personal data. The processing of this data must be extremely secure and transparent to the person to whom the data relates, and it is therefore very important that public actors such as Arbetsförmedlingen develop these services in accordance with the MyData principle. Development does not only benefit the public actor itself, but the insights gained from the development work are shared among international networks, so that both parties providing MyData operator services, such as Vastuu Group, and parties using the services, such as smart cities, benefit from development”, says Mika Huhtamäki the Director of Vastuu Group's MyData operations.

The proof of concept in Sweden is being carried out by Jobtech Development, based under Arbetsförmedlingen, which combines job search services in Sweden with open data and common standards. MyDataShare service by Vastuu Group, Finland, enables flow of personal information between systems so that it is transparent to all parties what information is moving and where it comes from. This allows MyDataShare to both verify the accuracy of the information and increase trust between the parties.

It is great to be collaborating with Vastuu group in the governmental concept test assignment around citizen data. Vastuu Group has been a driving force in the MyData movement and it is fantastic to be able to tap into their wealth of experience and expertise in this area”, says Gregory Golding,Head of JobTech Development at Arbetsförmedlingen.

Vastuu Group is also developing job hunting in their own project in Finland called Digital Employment which is solving the same paperwork issue especially in construction and real-estate fields where a variety of special permits are required from employees. The project is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland.

MyData is a principle for personal information management. According to it, individuals must have the possibility to manage, use, and give consents to data gathered from them. Vastuu Group is Finland’s first MyData operator. It is also a founding member of MyData Global network, one of the first enterprise members of Open and Agile Smart Cities network, and a founding member of GAIA X that aims to develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure.


More information:

Mika Huhtamäki
Deputy CEO and Head of MyData operations, Vastuu Group
+358 40 061 6253

Vastuu Group provides information services that reduce grey economy and increase transparency in business-to-business and business-to-individual collaboration. In addition to MyDataShare Vastuu Group's best-known services are Reliable Partner that digitizes the legal obligations of the construction industry, electronic signature tool SignSpace, and Platform of Trust, which integrates data flows.