OASC / MIM4 Specification

Citizen data is a key element in providing human-centric public services. Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) explores the mechanisms for personal data protection, transparency, and trust when sharing personal data within or between cities. These capabilities are a key part of the digital transformation journey of urban communities worldwide.dot.fi demonstrate.

The journey is supported by common and open standards and open technical specifications like the Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs) adopted by more than 150 cities in over 30 countries have adopted.

The objective is to have cities and communities replicate and scale data-sharing solutions globally.

Vastuu Group has collaborated with City of Helsinki to develop the fourth MIM-specification (MIM4). This document concentrates on personal data management. Its explicit goal is to help data sources scale their service to multiple cities through a two-pillared interoperability framework that minimizes the amount of integration work required. 

MIM4 Introduction

Presentation that introduces the benefits of MIM4 work through a concrete use case.

MIM4 Position Paper

Towards Interoperable Personal Data Management within Smart Cities: Minimum Interoperability Mechanism 4.

MIM4 Specification

Up-to-date draft of the specification that describes the personal data management solution that helps data sources scale their service to multiple cities.