Personalized services for your citizens - proactive, secure, GDPR-compliant
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When smart is not enough

For a city to be truly smart, it needs to be able to offer services proactively - anticipating the citizens' needs rather than have the people request for service and provide proof they are eligible for that service. This is a heavy process for all stakeholders, and can be significantly simplified.

MyDataShare provides easily integrable services that enable cities to comply with privacy regulations by following the MyData principles that empower individuals to understand and explicitly manage which entities have access to personal data.

The offered permission management capabilities cover all lawful bases of processing personal data as defined in GDPR. The citizens and other users are able to manage permission requests to personal data and to view when and by whom the data is actually used.




MyDataShare provides

  • Auditable transparency for the citizens.
  • Cost-efficiency for service development.
  • Intuitive digital services instead of manual paperwork.
  • Auditable compliance to privacy regulations to avoid significant fines.

MyDataShare provides trust and privacy using tools that are regularly audited.

MyDataShare is not a honeypot - it manages identities, permissions and access to personal data. Personal data itself remains in the originating service and all personal data access is controlled by the subject of that data.

Examples of our customer cases

City of Helsinki is using MyDataShare to automatically reduce daycare costs for those who have lower income levels. Before the parents needed to provide documentation to prove the income and now they can simply consent that the city checks the information from the tax administration. Helsinki wants to be a city where services are not requested from the city but offered proactively by the city based on citizen’s need. 

A Swedish employment service requests where job seekers to grant consent to access different data sources (for example contact address and education history) to allow importing the job seeker’s data to a CV service and further consenting the whole gathered CV to be used in employment. The service has digitalized the previously paper-heavy process, and provides a trustworthy audit trail for all data used.

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